Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile - Run Pubg Mobile Smoothly On 2gb Ram With Config File

Nowadays pubg mobile becoming heavier due to recent updates, they are adding new stuffs like new zombie mode, new skins, outfits, and it's making the game more laggy/low fps. Even it lags on mid range devices with 4gb/6gb ram, and the main fact is its extremly worst condition for 2gb ram low end devices. 

After the 0.12 update, now pubg mobile is lagging even more so how to fix this lag on pubg mobile 0.12. Now in this article I'm gonna solve this lagging issues/low fps on 2gb and 3gb ram low end devices. To fix the lag you have to do some changes on your pubg mobile configuration files, and changing those data files will boost your gaming experience and you will able to play pubg mobile on 30 to 60 fps (depends on your device and configuration). 


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