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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Here is a List of TOP 15 Indian Indian Webseries.

1. MIRZAPUR (2018) (IMDB : 8.5/10)

First of all, if people compare this series to Sacred Games it is not justice and simply prove they don't understand both the plots. That being said, Mirzapur is a simple story of everyone trying to prove themselves and kind of takes off from a wild west sort of setting. The acting is top class! Guddu Bhaiya, Babloo, Kaleen Bhaiya! Even our liquid has become a solid actor now. There is too much violence in the series but lacks in suspense and good storytelling. Well, that can be compensated by the fact that this is a series and season after season things escalate. Shows like Game of Thrones, breaking bad started slowly too! Very commendable. Must watch! "Jis sheher me tum naukar banke aaye the, uske maalik hai hum" 🤘🤘.


2. SACRED GAMES (IMDB : 8.7/10)

Sacred Games - a great start for India home production from Netflix. I have not read the book, so not aware who needs to share credit for the mind blowing script - Vikram Chandra or Varun Grover. The first 4-5 episodes are more of the same - a Wasseypuresque Anurag Kashyap cocktail of sex, profanity, violence, crime and politics. But that is an investment into it's series finale where all the ends come together into a heady zone of religion, philosophy and a searing commentary on the socio political landscape of India today. There is so much texture and the script is so meta, it will take a double viewing to get all the parts. Nawaz is utterly brilliant, nailed every scene he is in...I worry after dark parts like this if he will go the Joker way like Heath Ledger. It is not possible to be this good and have a normal existence off reel. This script is Anurag's home turf, the same grit and grime with several homegrown Godfather like characters - he can perfectly cut through the fabric of this in his sleep. Disappointingly he pushes nothing new here stylistically and stays safe within the boundaries of what we have already seen several times before. That apart, the direction is tight and competent from both him and vikramaditya motwane. There is solid technical heft across departments - Aarti Bajaj with the edit, music, art, production and a pitch perfect ensemble cast (except Radhika Apte notably sticking out like a sore thumb). I am not sure I have understood the ending at all - if anyone has decoded, pls ping me separately to not give spoilers away - the alpha and omeganess of it all is swirling around in a confusing set of possiblilities. Sacred Games is a deep dive into philosophy, religion and mythology along with several metaphorical references to the social and political climate of today. It's an intricate layered script and production fully deserving of respect. In the end, the audience is left like a hungry dog, tongue out, salivating, wanting more and in that lies the success of what it has done for Netflix.


3. APHARAN (IMDB : 8.4/10)

Apharan is an outstanding Indian web series. Set in current time and resolved around kidnapping by main character Rudra Srivastav a common man and reject police officer, because of bad time is running in his life, he needs of money. This is the simple plot. But, series features suspense, mystery and never ending action. The development of all characters outstandingly done with perfect desi treatment. This series is outstanding by direction, written, star cast and narration. Direction: Siddhartha Sengupta, written: Mohinder Pratap Singh (story & screenplay), Varun Badola (Dialogues), specially narration is outstanding, I love this storytelling style, and star Cast: Arunoday Singh outstandingly played the main role of Rudra Srivastav with Mahie Gill, Nidhi Singh also outstandingly played the role of Ranjana Srivastav, Monica Choudhury, Sanjay Batra, Varun Badola, Neha Kaul, exc. This webseries is must watch. I love this webseries of twists and turns with perfect desi Treatment.


4. ASUR (IMDB : 8.5/10)

Asur is a psycho thriller. It is one of the best webseries I have ever seen. The story was focused on a child having great IQ and a great knowledge on GITA. The child was being assaulted by his Father and he killed his father. The first was immersed in spirituality actually but after watching the episodes one by one,it really becomes unique. But,at the end it becomes more mysterious where it is known to us that Shubh has made his own blind soldier who can sacrifice their life too and it is a big question,on the next season what will happen: May be Nikhil and Dj will find out Shubh or Nikhil will take revenge by from Dj from his prior mistake by converting himself in a ASUR for which Nikhil has to sacrifice his daughter's life. But whatever throughout this webseries, it indicates that we all have a dark side and when we expose it, we became ASUR.


5. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (IMDB : 8.9/10)

Absolutely loved the depiction of Tagore's masterpieces. Amazing direction and brilliant performances! Every story unravels the underlying shades of human nature and the actors do every bit of justice to it. The women centric stories in a patriarchial society prod you into thinking about the plight of women during that time. And worth mentioning is the music of the series!! Extraordinary music with rabindra sangeet used brilliantly in between. "Amaaro poraano jaha chay" in Arijit Singh's voice, steals your heart. My personal favorites were Chokher Bali, Wafadaar, samaapti, mrinal ki chitthi and monihara. Every story leaves a lasting impression on your mind. The recreated old Bengal, takes you to a different era. Beautifully crafted series. MUST WATCH!!!!

6. KOTA FACTORY (IMDB : 9.1/10)

Its an eye-opening series for all iit-aspirants to make them realise that how difficult it is to get into an iit, and also for those who opt for general studies - it shows them how much different and tough iit preparation is than any other exam or competition in the country, and also across the globe. The series beautifully portrays how a teenager, who is still not adult, has to concentrate in the books despite all sorts of pressure,friendship and infatuation. The best thing is that it beautifully portrays life away from home, digestion problems from different kinds of food, and also the harsh reality that at times, we have to choose our aims before our relations. In the words of Uday - "ye age hi esi hai ke hamein aage kya hoga woh nahi dikhta.. Jab ek saal dosti ke baad end mein result nahi aata na toh un memories ko bhi yaad karne ka mann nahi karta ".






7. LEILA (IMDB : 4.7/10)

Leila- a dystopian drama series mainly portrayed the search of a helpless mother for her daughter. But the actual story behind the whole series is even deeper than this. The series mainly showed how religious extremism can reach to the worst, and the nightmares of living in the wrong side of a authoritarian state. This show is mainly based on the future time zone -showing what may happen in 2050. Well advanced technology in parallel with Water crisis, polluted air & water, women being treated like animals even in that time, everything is quite relatable as we are already facing it, heading towards it. The show started at a great peace in the very first episode, but afterwards started to slow down and storyline looked like being unnecessarily stretched and predictable at some stages which is quite boring at some points. Cinematography was good, not the best though, but the cast was totally top notched. Huma qureshi should be remembered for this outstanding performance as the main cast, and the other supporting casts were as brilliant as her. The whole series can be binge-watched at one go if u don’t have problems with slow pace series. Season 1 ended up With so many questions but the ending looked little bit sloppy and forced. Its extremely surprising to see how india,being a hindu state,is allowing Netflix to make such original dramas that may trigger the anti-Hinduism propaganda in people. But kudos to the director and the team for this courageous attempt.


8. THE FAMILY MAN (IMDB : 8.6/10)

I read all the reviews in curiosity to find how other felt after watching full 10 episodes of it ! It’s amazing to see guys are literally crazy like me to awake whole the night and watch while episodes in a single go. I was watching it’s trailers in new channels from past few days and was eagerly waiting to see how it goes ! Just because it has Manoj Bajpeyi I started to watching it but then comes Darshan Kumar as Pakistani Major Sameer and Moosa Rehman aka Al Qatil ISIS traitor and all their dirty game to start a war between India and Pakistan with Operation Zulfikar ! Plot is not different from Sacred Games but this series has genuinely shown all the dirty political games of Pakistani ISI , their Army and politicians to start a war with India just for their own interest in such a realistic way and showing Kashmir issued in between and their situation and Indian Army role how they take on it , all appeared very realistic not like any movie or other web series. Yes all the unsung heroes of our secret services and army people along with their family condition is brilliantly shown as well . In the character of Shrikant Tiwari Manoj Bajpeyi is brilliant, either adjusting with family issues as the family man of a middle class and a hidden spy of NIA , other characters have justified their roles as well . All conversations seems more realistic as NIA people or Army men and yes Pasha a commando look like pure nationalist and duty oriented person make a strong footprint as well ! Sharad Kelkar aka Notebook actor has limited role but he did justice to his character along with Dilip Tahil as NIA boss Kulkarni and Gul Panag too . A must watch for web series lovers and yes it’s better than other web series in my views where they are highly based of imaginative stories rather than real ones !


9. Little Things (IMDB : 8.3/10)

The most real story that looks so real in the days of internet/social media we live in. Where hiding feelings is so common in a relationship, the ease with which the story unfolds makes u believe that relationships can be so simple, comforting and genuine also. Only thing that could have been avoided in the series is the financial part where kavya completely helps dhruv whereas dhruv doesnt even take any initiative on his part. It's a must watch and by far the best sitcom ever.


10. GHOUL (IMDB : 7.1/10)

Ghoul is a different kind of horror that makes us realise Humans are the real Demons sometimes which we fail to see and understand. It portrays that its the human bad deeds which result into the birth of evil spirit /demons, though many don't believe in this stuff which is a personal choice of belief. But beyond certain limit an incredible force intervenes to punish the wrong deeds of humans. Though it has less scary spine chilling moments which would be dominant in a hardcore horror concept, it has been displayed under situations inevitably in last episode very well. Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul, Ratnaballi Bhattacharjee have played impressive roles and Mahesh Balraj is the most breath - taking one ( I like his witchy eyes with a gentle smile as he says : " Let the game begin") It's a great miniseries to watch.


11. KAAFIR (imdb 8.4/10)

Amazing story amazing cast amazing direction. A story worth watching. Two souls separated by two nations but der love remains eternal and pure. It's d story of a Pakistani girl Kainaaz who was left to die by her selfish husband who couldn't bear a child in der one and half years of der marriage . But destiny has some other plans d women who tried to kill herself was found by Indian army on d rivers of chenab. N dis wasn't just the end but d beginning story of her pain, d women who was mistreated and mistook as militant was mercilessly molested,raped by J&K police in jail. Vedanth Rathod d journalist turned lawyer who took up her case only to find later dat it was coz of him she has to suffer all dis agony. He fought against his nation his family only to set her free and send her and her indian daughter Sehar(born from rape in jail) back to her nation Pakistan. N when everything went well dese two pure souls vedanth and kainaaz fell for each other only to be separated by the unending differences btwn the two nations. Kaafir touches d soul of each n every person watching this series making us think as how many kainaaz are der prisoned on either side of border of two nations only to be left without justice in d name of national security.


12. Laakhon Mein Ek ( 8.3/10 )

Laakhon Mein Ek is a Hindi web-series about a 15-years-old boy Aakash, who wants to study Comemrce and make mimicry videos to post them online. Instead, he finds himself in an IIT coaching institute called Genius Infinity, forced by his parents, where he is a misfit and unable to cope with the syllabus. Along with roommates Bakri and Chudail, he tries to tackle life in his own way and that is what this 6-episode series is all about. Written and directed by Biswa Kalyan Rath who was once upon a time an IIT aspirant makes it even better because it's coming from the horse's mouth. The acting of all the characters is top notch and they are very relatable too. The plot never goes over-the-top and remains believable. I had a good time watching this and recommend it to everyone.


13. GULLAK ( IMDB 9.2/10 )

Gullak is about a family staying in the North of India, the Mishra family comprising of the husband, Santosh Mishra, wife, Shanti Mishra, and their two sons. The elder son, Annu is a civil engineer and trying for a Government job, while the younger son, Aman is still studying. The father works with the electricity department and the wife is a home-maker – creating a blueprint for the middle-class families of India.

The ongoing in the miniseries is what can be termed as the everyday life of a family in India. That’s a refresher from any of the big ticket, big scenario webseries that we are looking at today. The performances by everyone in the cast is so painfully real that the audience wants to go ahead and give them a hug. It’s difficult to point out who does a better job or which character is more important. In fact, this is one of the few web series that have all the central characters in almost all the scenes – something like the old television serials we used to see back in the 80s and the 90s.

But under all that, Gullak makes a very strong statement, that one swallow doesn’t a summer make. In other web series, whether a character is negative or positive is judged by their traits. Someone eats   kind of food, that’s negative. Another drinks, that’s another negative. Someone uses homophobic slurs in their speech, that’s another negative. In Gullak however, the aspect that these things are cultural imbibes that many are not intellectually woke enough to shake off is right out there.

That’s not the only message Gullak gives – it also tells us that the second-tier towns and the mohallas have more life in them than any highrise we’ll ever come across.






14. DELHI CRIME ( 8.5/10)

The incident that shook the country to its core, the issue that I believe fundamentally contributed to the ongoing discourse about women issues in India cannot be summed up in a few news articles or a handful of interviews. Its definitely more than that and Delhi Crime, presents it to us at its full complexity, pushing no disturbing questions under the carpet. As its clear from the name itself the show takes a very objective stance from the very beginning. From its magnificent and incredibly atmospheric cinematography, a very dynamic arena of subplots, painstaking attention to details to the stellar performances from the whole cast everything from the makers of the show goes into making it a highly immersive and emotional experience for an audience. Delhi crime sets out aiming very high, like it tries to tell a story of a heinous crime with objectivity, create a gripping thriller that unfolds in a quick span of time, weave the personal conflicts of the protagonists and other characters, bring the national and departmental politics into the picture, follow an extremely real set up, show the mass reaction and finally remain at heart an emotionally powerful and stirring narrative of things. And I'm incredibly satisfied to say that it excels at all of that. Makers never point out a finger and offers us the wider perspective, the suspense never dies down, the conflicts keeps on intensify and you keep on feeling disturbed by the inhumanity of the crime. Their sphere includes it all and offers audience a wholesome portrayal of the canvas. Add to all of it the show points out the larger and structural forces at play, shows the sharp divide of urban and rural India and it never seems forced into picture, its something that you read into it. Seldom there comes something that makes you think more about the what its actually about than the show itself. Its one of them. You end up watching it but the show does not leave your heart and brain. It makes you feel many things at once, you get messed up and feel like contemplating about everything going around yourself, then there is that slight ray of hope. That though very minuscule but goodness still remains in the human heart, for we need to believe in it more than ever.


15. THE TEST CASE ( IMDB 8.5/10)

ALT Balaji’s much-awaited webseries The Test Case explores President Pranab Mukherjee's proposal of inducting women in all combat roles. When he made the announcement, the armed forces opposed the idea on account of operational and socio-cultural risks. The fictional 12-episode web series, which is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and conceptualized by Samar Khan and Ekta Kapoor, challenges this very notion that women are 'unsuitable' for combat.

Breaking the much-established norm, Captain Shikha Sharma (played by Nimrat Kaur) is sent to Special Force Training Centre in Kolipad along with other male counterparts on the insistence of a woman Defence Minister Shraddha Pandit (played by Juhi Chawla) as a test case. If she manages to finish the training, then she opens up doors for other women aspirants.




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