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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The phone in your hand will become outdated after sometime but do you know 'why' ?

Today, in the world of technology, many more products and innovations are being introduced each and everyday and the phone you are using is just an example of innovation and technology.

Advancement is the part of innovation. After some month or a year the processor, camera, design, display etc. of your phone will become outdated. Shopping, Payment, Social media becomes more handy with the advancement and development in the world of internet. Then later, our phones need to evolve as fast as them.

The phones with good display are awesome and more pleasing to use as compared to dull looking displays but what if the whole front of your phone is only covered with display? meaning, no side bezels. Won't it look even more rocking?

Many phones are already available in the market with no bezels at all...

Here are some of them : bezel less phones

But even this concept is going to be outdated soon because of new advancements in the display, camera and processor department. Remember, here we are talking only about design and display.

latest advancement in smartphone displays are very innovative and futuristic as it can get folded, rolled, slide etc.

wait...REALLY? Have we actually come this far?

Yes, it is true.

One of best smartphone manufacturer Samsung has already made it's debut with galaxy fold in the year 2019 and recently released a new phone known as "galaxy fold 2" with a display which can get folded about a hinge.

Huawei also made it's debut for a folding display phone called "Huawei Mate X" and "Huawei Mate Xs", Microsoft as "Microsoft Surface Duo" , LG , TCL and many other smartphones companies sooner or later will launch these folding display phones in the market.

Folding display phones are awesome but here we have flipping display phones that can be flipped vertically and can also be used as mini phones that we have already seen from Motorola and Nokia but with a new concept of folding display.

Samsung and Motorola have already launched their flipping display phones named Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razor.

These developments are very attractive, lucrative and make things more handy. The big phones in your pocket will be folded to a smaller sized phone and become more easy to carry.

Recently, there is leak from TCL where these folding and flipping technology looks outdated because they have claimed to make a phone with a display which can slide "one over another" to make it more compact or big according to your need. This looks insanely awesome. I hope, it will be available in the market soon.

Smartphone manufacturers are working hard to standout in these times of high competition so that they can lure as many customers as they can.

Thank you for reading!


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