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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Remember Peter Bailish’s words from the famous T.V. series Game of Thrones: “Fight every battle, everywhere, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy. Everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once.”

It is only through good books you’ll learn so. As generally people don’t live long enough to experience it all themselves.

Good books are as important in shaping a person’s personality as spices in a Chicken Tikka Masala curry(sorry, I am a foodie first!).

They can play the role of all- A friend, philosopher and guide.

If the books are really worthy, they play these roles even better.


Books expose us to almost everything. There are numerous books in the world written on all possible topics. From teaching us how to cook to letting us know how a nuclear reactor works, they open worlds for us which we were ignorant about hitherto!

It is mostly through the books that we get to get into the minds of people. People who are far worthy and important than us, people who have done a lot of work and achieved great feats in life.

People who don’t have time to give us individual attention as we neither meet the requisite status to enjoy their company nor is it possible at all(in some cases, for instance death).

Books help us expand our horizon of knowledge.

Moreover,they help us build a strong command over the vocabulary and grammar of the language.


The one great benefit of books is that they are print media, the cheapest and most convenient way of sharing bulk knowledge to date.

While reading a book, your imagination is free. You can imagine whatever there is in whichever space you want. There is no limit to it.

This is not the same case with movies or pictures. They limit our imagination. You can't go beyond what is being offered to you in these media forms.

They are portable, don’t require electricity to operate, and cause no physical discomfort.

Their reach is far and wide in third world countries too.

Even after the advent of technology, their status remains high.


We are made aware of the fact that this world consists of mostly grey areas. Nothing black and white exists here.

We get to know about the struggles and difficulties faced by people in the past and how they overcame it.

Books become the voices of the dumb and eyes of the blind. They bring the pleas of the downtrodden communities to the forefront in the public eye.

The sacrifices made in the African Revolution, trauma caused in peoples’ minds due to the Indo-Pak partition, the destruction caused by Cold War missile testing programs’ etc.

Citing examples here is worthless.

They help us to understand the thinking of people who belonged to a different time.

Books take us places we’ve never been to and let us live in situations we’ve never faced. They make us experience things which we might never actually come across.

Books rekindle our minds and ignite our thoughts. They inspire us to push our limits to become more than what we already are.


Reading books is a wonderful habit, It must be popularized among people, especially children who are loosing it gradually.



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