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Updated: Apr 20

It is always very satisfying and rewarding to take up a hobby along with the course we’re pursuing. It is not only a very good use of free time but can also prove to be a utility.

If you want to take up one and can’t think of many, here is a little help.

1. Touch Typing

Initially it can be real boring but within a month of daily hourly practice, you can get going smoothly. Plus it is also a utilitarian skill that can improve your employability.

2. Music

This refers to both vocal training and taking up an instrument. I personally think an instrument is always better than vocal training as the latter is sometimes disturbed by health issues.

Some cheap, portable, easy-to-learn instruments are :

2.1 Ukulele/Guitar/Guitalele/Mandolin

2.2 Kalimba

2.3 Harmonica

2.4 Ocarina

2.5 Cajon Drum

3. Driving

Another very utilitarian skill you can learn while being in college is driving. You can take up lessons from an instructor (don’t prefer a friend over an instructor) and surprise your family the next time you visit them.

4. Language

You can learn any language preferably the native language of the place as you’ll be able to get a lot of people you can practice it with. If you already know the native language, you can learn any language of your choice.


Learning a game can be very enthralling. It can give you the necessary exercise at the same time entertain you to the core. You can also take up board games like chess, carrom etc. And play with similarly interested friends.

6. Painting/Sketching

If you have an artistic mind then this hobby is surely for you. If you don’t want to invest in a lot of painting or art supply you can simply learn pencil sketching and you can earn by selling your paintings.

7. Sudoku

It is considered very cool to be able to solve a sudoku puzzle or a cube real fast. There are plenty of videos and tutorials on youtube to help you achieve this.

8. Analytical Reasoning/ English Grammar

In India, a lot of competitive exams have analytical reasoning questions as well as English grammar questions. It would be quite helpful if you make it a hobby and pursue it in your free time.

9. Martial Arts

Martial arts will make you combat ready so that you can protect yourself or anyone when needed. Similar to playing outdoor games, it also provides you a lot of physical activity.

10. Reading books (e-books)

It is time that you actually read all those books which you’ve been longing to read since school days but never got enough time. If you aren’t an avid reader, you can start and move towards becoming one.

In case you are worrying about money, you can read e-books on your device or an e-reader.

11. Photography

Move around your place, look for beauty in the simplest of things that are missed by most eyes.

Learn how to fit it in the most captivating of frames.

Learn the angles which accentuate the beauty of something.

Become very good at it.

12. Community service/ Volunteering

If you’ve always been into social service and care-giving, this hobby can prove to be just the right thing for you.

Go to nearby old-age homes

or animal shelters or donate some of your savings for a noble cause. It feels very fulfilling

13. Content creation

Learn creative writing, increase tour vocabulary power and polish your work. Learn what kind of content you would like to create and go for it.

14. Dancing/Aerobics

Dancing or learning aerobics can help you both mentally and physically. It is a very good way to get a regular physical workout which always leads to the release of serotonin, the happiness hormone. The plus point:- You can perform at the college fests and functions.

15. Start investing

Start investing young so that you can reap the benefits as soon as possible. There are a lot of books available in the market to get you started.

Remember, the investing skill comes from experience only.

16. Explore your city

Rent a bicycle and roam around(not at night though)! Explore all the nooks and corners of the city/town in which your college is located. Get to know about the flora, fauna, popular traditions and the culture of the people around.

17. Learn magic

How to easily entertain friends or be the life of a party? Learn magic. To be a good magician, you need a lot of practice. So why not start today? Trust me, there is nothing that can make you feel more smug than looking at your friends’ awestruck faces.

18. Start a blog/ website

It doesn’t take a lot of technical know how but a lot of dedication to start a website or a blog and keep it alive.

It can prove to be a very good hobby that you enjoy and use as a way to enlighten the world about a cause.

19. Beat a world record

It is a matter of great pride to hold a world record. Start going through the Guinness Book of World Records and decide upon a record that you can actually beat. Work on it, beat the record and let them know.

20. Bodybuilding

Ever been a John Cena or Khali fan? Well then this hobby might be right for you. Get up early. Hit the gym. Start training and let those muscles know who’s the boss.

21. Fruit/vegetable carving or whittling

Do you admire the carved fruits and vegetables put on display at a marriage function? Well you can do it too...

Bring in fruits, learn to carve, practice and then eat all of it. What a healthy way to learn a new skill...(Whittling can also be learnt but it may just be a bit out of budget).

22. Calligraphy

Another hobby for the artistically inclined ones. Even if you aren’t and just interested, you are welcome. A tremendous merit of learning calligraphy is you can have the best of assignments and file covers.

23. Collector

Collect things:- stamps, flowers, pebbles, leaves, coins, newspaper cartoons, pictures etc. The list is endless.

If you keep yourself dedicates and keep collecting something, you can actually end up with a large collection which you can show to your children later.

24. Learn psychology

Do you know how Sherlock Holmes made his deductions? By observing people and their behaviour mostly.

To get an idea of how it is done, get your hands on a psychology book and start reading it.

You’ll be pleased in being able to understand other’s behaviours better.

25. Teach/help weak students

Or you can actually study very hard, become one of the toppers and get all the course content on your tips.

Then give academic help to anyone who asks for it or whoever you think would do good with a little help.


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