Castle of Illusion


steps to install

Download the apk and obb file from the link above

install the apk file

extract the obb file into internal storage : ANDROID<OBB folder

after extracting the file run the game


Castle of Illusion Description
Disney for their own Mickey Mouse can be described as love is very, frequently introduced its related animation, comics, books, games and even architecture, do not believe you go to Disneyland to play when you can look at the entire paradise are hidden how many Mickey.
This game is actually very old qualifications, the original as early as 1990 came out, is a horizontal scroll adventure game, launched in 2013 on the PC platform, this HD Remastered, and now moved to the Android platform. Since it is a remake, then the high-definition screen is naturally one of the selling point, but also a favorite part of the small A, it fresh picture, full of Disney-style fairy tales everywhere - fat mushrooms, walking stumps, The birds have gorgeous castles ... everything makes people feel comfortable and exclaimed: "it really is Disney!
Although the game is remade, but it only retained the original story, that Mickey broke through the rescue Minnie. Operations, rules, gameplay, and content are brand new designs. There are only three parts in the game, one is the virtual joystick on the left hand (control direction), the other is the right-handed click jump (long press can jump higher), coupled with Mickey's flirting action, vivid expression, The story of the explanation (but unfortunately there is no Chinese subtitles, do not understand), play quite smooth, but sometimes not easy to use the joystick, and Mickey's reaction sometimes slow half shot is very slightly missed the OTL ... ...
Rules and pass the game almost the same, control Mickey walked from one end of the maze to the other end, collect the required number of diamonds will be able to open the next level off! But if it's that simple A's not going to write a review - the content of the game is quite rich, with each elaborately designed beautiful scenes and crafty traps, such as walking fat mushrooms and stumps, touching once Out of a star (that is, a drop of blood), the thorns suddenly grow out to block Mickey's road, looting the red ghost will jump in the moment Mickey himself to escape, not to mention those spit-thorn flowers.
So the game also gives Mickey a lot of attacking or escaping skills. He can step on mushrooms and stumps to get rid of each other by jumping up. Collecting red apples can also throw "throwing" skills on enemies - are there any familiarities here? Is simply "Super Mario" play Well, why not "push the turtle smashed mushrooms" game plus? This is more lively!
Sometimes Mickey can also grab the rope hanging down, COS a Tarzan.
But the game is rich more than those above, a small A most appreciated is that it does not like other checkpoints as obvious level of the end of the game mark, but in between the level of the game to insert some special play, very well connected Tightly, if you play at one breath, it's really as fun as watching animations - like the parkour game between Level 2 and Level 3, where the perspective changes from landscape to landscape and you see Mickey panicked toward yourself Rushed to the back of the big tumbling app getting closer, there are a lot of branches on the way, you have to busy collecting diamonds, simply to stimulate not!
Finally, in addition to playing the "Super Mario" nostalgia for both the sense of the game another nostalgic place is that the scene always reminds you of Disney movies, such as Mickey is always follow the cute little bird Disney Princess is the favorite, The ghosts of the third pass will remind you of the ghost of the wardrobe in the "Ghostly Elf". Red Apple is naturally the representative of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." If you look closely, there will be more new Find.-ApkAward.com
This remake of the game allows us to feel the power of Disney and Sega United powerful, but also in the screen, play, character styling, etc. to see the game should have the sincerity of recreation, and because Mickey's skills are taking the nostalgia route, so It is not difficult to grasp them, but unfortunately in the operation slightly inconvenient, and sometimes click on the jump is easy to press with the red button on the right into throwing apples, wasting weapons, Mickey occasional reaction arc length also test the player's Concentration, affect the feel, but it still can afford the "novelty and fun," the word.